Thursday, February 16, 2012

2012 will be an exciting year :)

I'm really exciting for this coming event.The start of a new year is always an exciting time for me as it gives me the opportunity to look back on the highlights of last year's.

its all in 2012 :)
end of February - Auni's birthday
- Apam class (teaching and making) -i'm a teacher ok? hehe
March - Best friends wedding :)

April - My son's birthday Muhammad Adam Mirza bin Mohd Faiz
-Sister's, Cousin's and friends birthday party.

June - Family day at A'Famosa Melaka and celebrate BIL and Nephew's birthday at Morib Gold Coast. :)

July - My boss son's wedding at Hotel Istana.
- Puasa on this month rite?

August - Raya time...
September, October,November - no plan.
December - Singapore Universal Studio..Weeehhhuuuuu

Thats all kawan-kawan.. Love u :)

Monday, February 13, 2012

Birthday Haja :)

Happy Monday working friend.
Nak story about Haja's birthday.Dah lepas dah tapi gambar br dapat.Haja paling muda sebab dia lahir bulan 12..hehe 31 dicember ok..haha
We are celebrated at The Garden Mid Valley in the afternoon.Happy Belated Birthday Haja.My friend masa sekolah rendah dulu..Lama kan?Masing-masing bawa babies.Bapak-bapak pi tempat lain.haha.Same age but different month.Ilyas first second my son Adam Mirza and the third is Idris Saputra.Ohh lupa. Baby anna dah 1 dia abang lah sekarang.Mulut pok pek aje.

After Lunch we all lepas atas dekat residency Lysa.So private ok.Tukar pampers and golek2 atas katil.

Hai babies.....

i miss u all....